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I have been very busy with my school affiliation for the past week. I didn’t even bother to have a fun day for myself because I thought that if things get done on time, I might have a relaxing-day treat for myself. But I was wrong. So I prayed to God and asked for a break.  Later that evening, my sister asked if I am available at the moment; if I could join my co-YFL members to assist in HABITAT-FTI. At first, I was hesitant to say yes because of so many commitments that I have. But through God’s intervention, I said yes. Later that evening, I prayed to God if he could give me a day where I can be at my most comfortable work, which is working with kids. Morning had come; I ate my breakfast and went directly to the venue.






While on the way, I was very excited to see the new faces in the HABITAT. It was that morning also that I’ve came to know that I am to serve in a mini Kids Possible Assembly. As a former Cluster Kuya of KFL, I was very exuberant about it. When the team came on the site, we were accommodated warmly by the homeowners. We were led to an empty classroom. There, we planned the things that we will do; from opening prayer down to closing. While having a short prayer, the children begun entering the classroom. And so, the fun had just begun. Together with Gizelle Penetrante (my co-Chapter Servant who is also a former Cluster Ate), kuya Dennis Dionisio, Kuya Richard Repolona (YFL District Servant of Pasig) and kuya Michael a.k.a “kuya M.C.”, we taught the children how to sing, dance and praise. Just like in any KPA, activities and games were also provided for the children. The game taught them to be a follower of Christ — because the “game” itself is a game of following Christ. The name of the game is “Jesus says…”.After the game, Jerick Lacuata (Brave Heart Servant of Pasig) gave a pep talk with a theme of “Modesty”. As you will look at the children, you can see it in their eyes that they are so attached or attentive to what is being delivered to them. The fun-filled event got even happier when the activities started. The kids were divided into three depending on their age group. I was tasked to oversee and do a mini household with the senior kids. It’s so amazing to hear some serious thoughts from these kids cause at their very young age, they can share their different struggles on being modest. When the program ended, we were joined by Kuya Jerald Cruz (CFC-YFL fulltime worker) and took pictures.






After we ate lunch, we came back at the venue and started to plan for the next program.  At first, I was so clueless on what to do, since I was later told that there would be a Youth Program. When the Youth of HABITAT-FTI came, we started to teach a song which is entitled “Your Grace is Enough”. The opening prayer was led by Jerick Lacuata and was subsequently followed by a game. The game was entitled “Sunduan” and its purpose is to teach the players on how to grow in faith as a group; when someone is not on the right path or went missing, the other members of the group should accompany them back to where they belong; going towards Jesus Christ. After the game, Kuya Dennis and kuya Jerald introduced the No One In Need Movement’s program. The program was called CYD Program or Children and Youth Development Program. The aim of the program is to help the community of HABITAT conduct series of activities after the two-year supervision of No One In Need Movement. The youth of that area were so interested on the program; they even suggested that there should be atleast two assemblies for them (every second and last Sunday of the month). They are also looking forward for the different plans and program proposals that the No One In Need Movement provided for them. The day ended with a closing prayer which was led by kuya Jerald.






Looking back at the day, I was so affirmed how the Lord answered my prayers. Even though the activities were tire-some, still it managed to bring genuine happiness not only to me, but to everyone who attended that activity. Truly, the Lord is very good to those who are in need. I’ve asked for a break and he gave me a day where I can relax with him. The happiness that I gave to the children was on some point was returned to me. Helping the ones who are in need doesn’t mean that you should give them materialistic things in order for them to suffice their need. No One In Need Movement had taught me to share my time to the ones who are in need; in return, I was awarded with genuine happiness; a happiness that I will treasure forever.

Shared by Alejandro Roman Navelgas
District of Pasig

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