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“For His love endures, so must we.”

Ever since I was a kid, I always get excited when I visit different cities and provinces in our country. And last September 21, I was more than grateful to able to go on a mission in Tarlac City, Tarlac for their District Youth Conference 2014 with the theme ENDURE and join YFL Tarlac band to play in their DYC. And I always enjoy serving the Lord especially through my love for music.

It was only my third time to do mission and the Tarlac mission for me was, by far, the most physically exhausting one! But the Lord never failed to make me experience His kind of love and the message He has for me in every mission.


We reached Tarlac City by 3pm, the day before the DYC and helped in arranging the venue. We carried loads of chairs from the first floor of the Tarlac Capitol up to its second floor where the venue is located. Then suddenly, a new batch of chairs came and we were told to carry those as well and bring down the ones we carried earlier. It was almost midnight when we finished setting up the venue and it was really a tiring day. We went to bed past midnight and had to wake up at 4am in the morning to attend the 5am call time. I am really not that used to having very few hours of sleep and it was really a challenge for me to stay awake and active through out the whole event.

It was past 9 o’clock when the program began. Due to lack of proper ventilation, the temperature inside the venue started to get hot and uncomfortable. I began to sweat and when I sweat, I really sweat A LOT. With the combined lack of rest and hot temperature, I started to feel a little dizzy. But the Lord is good! I was able to somehow endure the dizziness and finished the morning session.

The afternoon started with an opening short worship and followed by the Exposition. This is where God affirmed His message to me. The Exposition took longer than I expected. We knelt for a very long time and with my sore body and numb knees, I thought for a moment that I was about to collapse! But as I stared at the Blessed Sacrament, I was reminded of the sufferings that our Lord has to endure when he died on the cross just to show the love He has for us, the kind of love that saves, the kind of love that never runs out, and the kind of love that endures.

One of my fellow YFL’s even told a joke and whispered to me,”Ang sakit ng tuhod ko, Injured DYC pala dapat to e” I smiled at him and realized one thing. To love truly means to endure any kind of pain or any kind of injury that we are about to experience. Just like how Jesus endured just to show His love for us.


And I believe that all the attendees of the DYC realized the same thing. The DYC ended with a praisefest and all sang and danced so joyfull and alive! It was like no one felt the hot temperature and the soreness of their knees. Everyone endured all those things just to worship and express their love to the Lord.

When we find strength from ourselves and from ourselves alone, we will get tired, we will fade, we will ran out. But when we find strength from God, it is only where we can love truly, it is only where we can endure.

Shared by Lemuel Sunga
District of San Fernando (Pampanga)

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