In Cool Catholics, From Womb to Tomb

“I Repent.”

2 little words most people find so difficult to say.

2 little words blocked off by pride and fear.

2 little words, that when said, can work miracles and wonders.

Who doesn’t want a fresh start? Who here doesn’t need it? In the hustle of life, we sometimes find ourselves lost. Jealousy, bitterness, anger, doubt, sexual immorality and all that jazz creeping into our very system. S-I-N. The Big S leaving us wretched and alone. The Big S pulling us away from the One who loves us the most – God.

Who would desire to stay this way? Definitely, no one.

As brokenness besets us, God offers a way out – through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This, of all the Sacraments, is the most personal and intimate. Imagine God, arms outstretched, overjoyed in our return to His embrace despite our unfaithfulness. A one to one encounter with the loving Father who is ready to console and to forgive, most willing to offer us a second chance.

Once found filled with trash, we are left filled with grace. Such is the beauty of the sacrament; God does not only sprinkle or spatter us with His forgiveness, we are submerged in His mercy.

As the season of Advent approaches, may we find it in our hearts to approach God with all humility, and receive the sacrament. He is there waiting for us, fervent to listen to our sobs. Just utter these 2 little words and our lives will be opened to the abundance of His love. Forget pride and fear; just 2 words and we’re on our way to a brand new start.

In preparation for Christ’s birth, Catholics are encouraged to make their hearts a dwelling place for the Messiah through confession and by living an upright and holy life. Of course, living a holy life just doesn’t culminate in Advent for this is the call every single day. But this could be a start—uttering these two little words to God.

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