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A wise friend once taught me the concept of “divine appointment.”  It is encountering a person or people who will speak of God’s message for you on a specific day.  It can also be the other way around – that you are the messenger of God’s message to one person on a given day.  He said that one should always be sensitive to such encounters.

Lately, I haven’t been too sensitive about divine appointments in my life – until today.  I was walking around in a mall when an old friend saw and approached me.  At first, I taught that we were just going to exchange pleasantries until he started walking with me and led me to a coffee shop! He even offered to buy me coffee and started to talk about things which I needed to hear today. Our conversation was just what I needed and stirred something in my heart.  Maybe for him it was just a regular, usual conversation with an old friend, but for me, the conversation was something special.  I was a changed man after.  Truly, it was a divine appointment from the Lord.

Look for appointments like these in your everyday life.  Sometimes it will be an earth-shattering, life-changing, heart-stirring conversation just like what I had today. Most of the time though, it will be just simple words to get you through the day.  All you have to do is to be sensitive and to open your eyes, ears and hearts.  Believe me; the day won’t pass until God speaks to you!

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  • Jepoy Meneses

    Before leaving our homes, our prayer should be: “Lord, who are you sending to talk to me today?”

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