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We all miss YFL Isabela a lot! If you remember, we held our “Live” WYC 2012 there at Ilagan, Isabela to be more specific. Late last year, 2012, was a bit bumpy road for our community there. But this time around, by the grace of God, we were able to be with our brothers and sisters in Christ there in Isabela!


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If you could only see the excitement and the smiles on their faces when they knew that YFL Ilagan will go back again on track; this year will be an exciting year for our brothers and sisters there!

Last September 29, Sunday, we had a chance to go there and visit them. We held an assembly, a household-type for them. We had fun getting to know them even more, [catch up on] what happened for the past months, what their insights are, the things they want to do again, etc. We talked about and focused more on our topic, the second greatest commandment of our God, which is: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’


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The Lord is really at work for His presence is alive when we had our intimate sharings and discussions. There is so much in store for YFL Ilagan and everybody is very much excited of what will happen next. Truly, greater things are yet to come. God is good!

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