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October 6, 2013 marked another answered prayer for YFL Dumaguete. It has been a dream of our area to put together in one place all the YFLs from the different chapters, to try to get to know each other and most especially to experience God as a district. Last year, we proposed to have the first ever District Youth Conference but because of certain unforeseen factors, we didn’t get to push through it. Yes, it broke our hearts. We wanted so badly for the DYC to happen last year. We wanted to be able to introduce the YFLs from the opposite corners of our district and let them know that they are not alone in this. It broke our hearts to have to accept that it wasn’t going to happen that year. But we held on to God’s promise that there is a time in heaven for everything.

And finally this year, He made our dream happen. I have to admit, the preparation wasn’t exactly easy. This was the first time that our area will hold something as big as this and at times, we felt lost or inadequate or both. But like what they say, if God puts you to it, He will put you through it. On the days leading to the big day, we were functioning on extreme desire to do something like this and, of course, faith. There were so many reasons and chances to just drop everything and give up but we believed in our hearts that no matter how much we proclaim to want the DYC so much, it will never measure to how much God wants it for us. Before we could even begin to dream about this, God had already planned out how things will go.


YFLs from Mabinay had to travel for more than three hours and amidst rain in this.

YFLs from Mabinay had to travel for more than three hours and amidst rain in this.


Then came the big day.

It was raining so hard that day and to anyone watching us from the outside, the event was bound to be a huge failure. But God always, always has a way of turning things around. Eventually, the YFLs from the different areas started to arrive. Most of them had to travel very far and amidst the imperfect weather conditions just to be there. And soon enough, the first ever YFL Dumaguete District Youth Conference was in full blast.




The worship, the talk, the Holy Eucharist, and everything else made one thing very clear to us: that we are so blessed to have been given countless opportunities to experience God’s profound love, despite the many times that we failed Him. On that day, we made a promise to always strive to make our faith remarkable. To let our trust in Him stand out above all else. To shout as loud as we can and as far as our voices can go that our God is Great.

Aside from the things and people that we saw that day, we all felt a very palpable force that kept everything together. So many things could have gone wrong that day but that force made things flow smoothly. And that was how it became clear to us that God was behind us that day, has always been, and always will be. His love can really make anything possible. All He is asking from us is to keep our faith in Him and He will take care of the rest.




October 6, 2013 will always hold a special place in our hearts. YFL Dumaguete felt new again as a district. And we know that it was just the beginning; that so much more is still in store for us.

Shared by Kaycee Melon, District of Dumaguete

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