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Last October 15, 2013, we conducted a youth camp for Mother Theresa Academy of Malolos, which was held in Tagaytay, Cavite. The event, I [can] say, is the most memorable experience in my life. It was my finals week back when I heard this and immediately texted one of the full-time missionary that I’m willing to join and help the team.




The experience was unexplainable because just when I thought that I am unworthy of his love, due to the fact that lately, I’ve been busy with academics and stuffs and yet he made me feel loved even more. Then I realized that this camp was a “pause” moment for me from my busy world which gave me time to reflect upon myself on how my life has been. I know that God has a reason for everything and the mere fact that I was there to meet new people and hear their stories and share mine as well is enough to say that God is working in my life. To make the long story short, there were 65 youths who went to the camp and only 9 in the team (whom I just met there) to facilitate and yet that didn’t stopped us from serving God and making others feel God’s love.



Janessa facilitating her discussion group during one of the activity sessions.



Personally at first, I was unsure because we are totally outnumbered compared with the usual camp set-up we used to conduct but God said to us that, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). At the end, we just believed in God and everything turned out excellently. The heart-warming thanks we received from them was incomparable but I think it’s all about being able to share God’s blessings to others and inspiring them so that they may be able to share their stories too is what mattered the most. Truly indeed, faith works wonders.




I am Janessa H. San Juan, a proud YFL Servant leader and praying to be a full time missionary someday.

Shared by Janessa San Juan, District of San Pablo

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