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We live in a world where life is so constrained. That with just one move, it seems like everyone is looking at us and waiting for us to be canceled. We tend to conform, adjust, and comply with the worldly standards and disregard our valid feelings, deepest desires, and true selves. 

But this is a reminder that it’s okay. 

It’s okay to feel lonely. When the world tells you to be happy all the time, remind yourself that down feelings are valid. But they are not just valid, they are also temporary. We experience breakdowns to experience breakthroughs.  

It’s okay to wait. When the world shouts at us, tolerating us to grab and enjoy, and still, you know in your heart, that it’s better to wait and have things not figured out. It’s okay to be still. It’s okay to experience rejections for we know that it leads us to redirections. 

It’s okay to choose ourselves. When God said, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself,” he is also indicating that being good to ourselves makes it possible to be good to others as well. Self-care isn’t selfish at all. Self-care is preparing ourselves to give in the future and which is why it’s okay. 

It’s okay to be silent. When this world shows us the loudness of life, it’s okay to turn it down and go beneath our core. Let’s normalize reflecting and pondering. That in quietness, we know ourselves more, and as we know ourselves more, we know God more. 

It’s okay to be set apart. When the world tells you that it’s okay because everyone’s doing it anyway but you know in your heart that it’s not right—it’s okay to go against the flow and fight. We know for sure that we, as God’s children, are not made for the world and we are made for beyond this world. 

It’s okay to feel empty. In this world full of selfishness and fear of emptiness, it’s okay to still give and offer our all until fear will disappear and be replaced with charity. That as we give and give, only we are to receive and receive. 

It’s okay to surrender. Not all who are defeated are lost in the battle. Surrender shows courage and full trust that as we let go, we let God take over. And that we are just humans, we cannot do it all and we should let God be God in our lives forever.

This is our reminder to see beyond the world, and go beneath ourselves, seeing God telling us, “It’s okay.”

Chelsea Dolor is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions Team.

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