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Recently, I have been in awe of how Jesus trusts me, especially in my life as a missionary. I have been trusted to pastor and take care of good and great people who are much older and wiser than me. I have been trusted to be a session and workshop speaker, and worship leader in the different community events, where I always tremble with nervousness. I have been trusted to do things greater than I am, things that I never thought I am capable of. 

But wait, can I be trusted? How can God trust a young, imperfect, unwise, and sinful man like me? Why does God continue to call me to be His missionary after all my disappointments and failures in the past? 

I realized, Jesus trusted me not because of who I am or what I can do but because of who He is – a good, loving, and great Father. He loves me so deeply that He allowed me to experience His greatness in my littleness.  As a good Father, He called me to do things He knew I would grow in Holiness and in love for Him. As God shows His trust to me, He also asks me to trust Him. Trust that the grace given by Him is sufficient for me to be able to do the things He asks of me. Trust His love and faithfulness in my life. Trust that He would never abandon His children, especially in times of battle. 

This is also a call for me to value and be accountable to the trust I am receiving by always being excellent in the things I am asked to do. Also, to trust those around me – my heavenly friends, the leaders in the community, my co-missionaries, my family, and friends. 

As missionaries, the work we do is not ours, all these are of Jesus. We have just been trusted to be a steward of this work. And so, all these, we must bring back to Jesus. 

Jesus trusts you! Do you trust Him? 

“Those who sincerely say ‘Jesus, I trust in you’ will find comfort in all their anxieties and fears” 

– St. John Paul II

Arlan Catuday is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Region of Visayas.


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