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In these modern times, dependence is something most people are afraid to do. Dependence now is seen in a very different light – a struggle, a burden, and a weakness. And also, as something that hinders personal accomplishments. 

Part of our human nature is our desire to go on unique ways, to create a name for the things we could do. We aspire so much to figure something out, to feel a sense of personal pride and accomplishment. But then, if dependence would come into the picture, going our own way is far way impossible. Because maybe if we have depended on someone, the credit may not be due to us. So the question is, are we, by any chance, dependent on something or someone right now? Are we brave enough to leave all the credits and acknowledgments?

Actually, we depend on so many things. We depend on food, water, air, and even our bodies show that as we rely on these things. But then as we take care of ourselves and provide all these necessities, we quote this as a form of taking care of ourselves. Again, this time we receive the credit. But now, the Lord is asking us to accept His invitation, that depending on Him works exactly the same way. Do we want to take care of ourselves? God will surely do it. Do we want to do something extraordinary and unique? God will provide all your needs to accomplish it. He does more great things than we could imagine. 

Therefore, the next questions would be why are we so afraid to give our total and complete dependence on the Lord? Or Is it because of the fear that Jesus would never come? Or is it about the fear that Jesus wouldn’t come the way we wanted Him to? Or in simple words, are we too afraid to lose control of everything? We always want to know what is about to happen. We somehow feel that not knowing anything is a weakness that we should all avoid. But in this weakness, we can see God’s strength and greatness in things that we may be surprised about. 

Dependence on the Lord is really a beautiful act because dependence and prayer both require humility. How come something could ever almost equate to prayer? It is because both of these seek reliance on the Lord. As we pray, we dearly know that our human capabilities could not sustain the situation we are in. We seek help, reliance, guidance, and lastly, we seek His presence. Like what Paul wrote to the Philippians in Chapter 4 verse 11, when he said that he knows what it is to have little, and knows what it is to have plenty as well and ends his statement by saying that he has learned the secret of all of it because there is Christ who strengthens him. Paul showed us that absolute dependence on the Lord is being able to walk with Jesus’ strength rather than with his own. And because of this, he became independent of God in all of the circumstances in his life. Like Paul, it should be clear to us that our independence can only happen if dependence on the Lord exists in us. Yes, it is still possible to be independent while being dependent – only if our dependence is on the Lord. 

However, depending on God does not mean that we would act so foolishly and just leave all the results to Him. It should be clear that depending on Him and trusting Him is way different from putting God to a test. We do not commit actions that could harm us just to prove that we are solely dependent on the Lord. We do not let our attitude in handling all our responsibilities go astray and just hold on to the promise of dependence. It can never be right this way. Relying on Him is not neglecting all the other things He has created and prepared for us. We should depend on God for the only reason that we cannot do anything without Him. 

As we strive for total and complete dependence on the Lord, may we seek the peace that awaits us, and may we fully let ourselves be embraced by God’s loving hands. Aside from peace, there is also rest through our dependence on the Lord. Knowing that whatever may happen, you wouldn’t be abandoned and left. That is why we may always find comfort in this very loving reliance on the Lord and always strive to reach total and complete dependence on Him.

Chelle Oruga is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions Team.

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