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How do you celebrate an encore? Just ask CFC YFL Campus Based. Having just experienced the Lord’s immense love a few weekends prior, Campus Based was at it again as they held their Wildfire Campus Assembly held at Layforce, Guadalupe in Makati City last April 21. From invited attendees open to college students around Manila serving in the program and even opening the event up for college students serving in the Districts, the event became exciting and filled with inspired YFL members.

The event opened up with a worship led by Campus Based Program Volunteer, Cedric Cammayo. Seeing from the opening worship, every college student in the event was worshiping the Lord with conviction and purpose. In the event proper, event speaker Dylan Reyes shared his experiences when he was a college student. Labeling the YFL college students as the ‘Joshua Generation’, kuya Dylan explained how like Moses’ successor (to lead the Israelites to the promise land),  Joshua, the college students have to overcome the ‘walls’ of their campuses in order for the program to eventually break into the schools. Moreover, kuya Dylan shared an insightful idea that every college student serving in the campuses should dream big with how they evangelize people in their own schools. Finally, as the Wildfire Campus Assembly reached its end, there is no ending a YFL event without a very powerful worship. Led by Campus Based Program Volunteer, Albert Cachero, everybody felt the presence of the Lord as they felt in the previous YFL Conference. Inspired and ready for the next challenge, every attendee of the Campus Assembly was once again ready to set the world on fire with God’s love.


So what’s next for Campus Based? With summer reaching its end, what we expect is the program’s preparation for ‘battle’ as the new school year sets around the corner. How to celebrate an encore’s encore in CFC YFL Campus Based? Be ready to share God to every college student as the new school year knocks on the way!

By Cedric Cammayo, District of Pasig (Campus-based, University of Asia and the Pacific)

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