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It’s been 6 months since I have been part of the YFL Campus Based and I didn’t want to do it at first. District of Antipolo is my comfort zone. That’s where I first joined a youth camp and grew spiritually, that’s where I met my first friends from the community and I want to strive more as the District Servant of Antipolo. But God has a better plan for me.

When I was appointed to be a Campus Servant, I asked God, “Lord, bakit? Bakit sa Campus Based? Bakit ako? Lord, hindi ko pa nagagawa ng maayos yung role ko as a District Servant.” I had so many questions and doubts about the Lord’s plan for me. I was scared to enter another battlefield, but still the Lord is a faithful God.

I had no other choice but to say “Yes!” to the Lord.  It’s the Year of Faith and I should completely put my trust and surrender my own plans to Him.

When I became a Campus Servant, I attended meetings, served in youth camps and campus assemblies. Every question and fear that I asked Him, God answered everything little by little. God slowly showed me why he appointed me as a Campus Based servant.

“Do whatever the Lord tells you.” Every time I hear this, I had doubts in myself because I think that I don’t deserve it. I always ask God and myself, “Can I do this?” I’m not a good speaker and I’m not a good leader. I had many worries and uncertainties. But the Lord reminded me of so many things. God remained faithful to me. He reminded me that there is nothing to fear because He’s the one who appointed me to be a Campus Based servant. With all the uncertainties and doubts, God reminded me that when He calls, He equips. He equipped me with the skills and the things that I need as a Campus Servant.

“Never stop doing things and never stop trying things.”  This is what the Lord wants me to do. To strive hard in everything that I do, to strengthen my relationship with Him, to love my family even more, focus on doing the things that needed to be done in school and my service to Him and to become the best person He wants me to be.

“I, the Lord, was there at the beginning, and I the Lord, will be there at the end.”
Isaiah 41:4

God always reminds me that there is nothing to fear.  Before anything else, I should seek God first, pray and do not worry. God will always be at my side as I endure the works that He entrusted to me. Strengthening my faith, courage, and personal relationship to Him will be my keys.

“Where you are right now is where the Lord wants you to be.” Campus Based is a big blessing to me. I know that God brought me to Campus Based to grow as He wants me to be, to share my experiences with Him, to see Him through my campus, and to grow with His love even more.

God gave me the right choice. I became a better person when I became a Campus Based servant. I prayed more and I built a stronger relationship with God. As the Year of Faith ends, I must remain faithful to God. Whatever hardships and challenges I might encounter in the coming future, I will continue to cling on His promise. God is the only certainty that I have.




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