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Do you have favorite saints? How often do you ask for their intercession? Well, I am going to share my favorite saints and how I ask for their intercessions. I call them my “back-ups”.

1. Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. St. Pio is one of my back-up saints. I got to know Him through my former household servant- kuya EJ. After he was introduced to us, I became interested to know more about him. He is a man of God and a man of prayer. He is also an example of a man offering his pains and sufferings to God. He is a man that has a strong personal relationship with God. Every time I pray I ask for his intercession. I ask for his intercession that my personal relationship with God might grow deeper and deeper every day. Also, when I am in pain and in suffering I ask for his prayers that I might be able to endure sufferings and offer them to God.

2. Saint Anthony of Padua. It was only last year when I discovered that St. Anthony is really one of my back-ups. First reason is that from pre-school to high school I studied in a school named after him. In that school, we always ask for his intercession. Second, I am a teacher and I am in a business speaking in front of people every day and it is very timely because St. Anthony is the saint of eloquence of speech. Every time I speak in front of the class of every time I give a talk, I always ask for His intercession that the Lord may give me eloquence of speech.

3. Saint Isidro Labrador. San Isidro is the patron saint of our parish. We attend mass to our parish every Sunday and that made me realize that San Isidro is one of my intercessors. He is the patron saint of workers! And as an individual who works, you should ask for his intercession because he understands the hard work that you do and the efforts that you make for your job. Every time I go to work or if I have a difficult job to do, I ask for His intercession.

4. Saints Lorenzo Ruiz and Pedro Calungsod. They are my ONE-TWO PUNCH COMBO saints. The primary reason why I consider them as my back-ups is because THEY ARE FILIPINOS. At walang makakaintindi sa isang Pilipino kundi isang Pilipino din. They are an inspiration to us Filipinos that we too can be saints like them. I imagine them saying to us that “kung kami nga nagawa naming, kayo pa?” Another reason is that they are both young missionaries. I believe we are all called to be missionaries and if we are called to do mission for Christ’s sake don’t hesitate to do it and ask for the intercession of these two Holy men. They are willing to give up their lives for Christ.

5. Nuestra Senora Buen Viaje (Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage). Of course we must always have the greatest prayer warrior and the one closest to Jesus none other than Mother Mary. As for me, I have Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Why? Years ago, my parents couldn’t bear a child they ask for the intercession of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage in Antipolo. Couple of months later my mother got pregnant and after nine months I was born. She really is my greatest prayer warrior. Every time I travel, go on mission or go to work I ask for her intercession that the Lord might give me a peaceful and safe trip. Mama Mary is still the best.

Those are my Back-Ups and prayer warriors: the Saints and Mama Mary. I believe that God gave them to us so that we may realize that just like them we can be saints too. Actually our main goal should be holiness- being SAINTS. They are here to pray for us and to guide us. It is like we are in a race, the saints have finished this race and they are on the finish line cheering for us to finish! They are really close to God. Let us pray that just like them, we can be close to God too. They will always back us up every time we are in need. We have our own personal back-up saints to guide us and pray for us depending on our job, situation and desires of our hearts. Find them and ask for their intercession.




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