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The NONe experience is not new to me, because we did the same thing in our NSTP before. However, what is actually a new learning experience for me was the way we dealt with the kids during NONe activity. Unlike in NSTP, we just played games with them and engaged in short conversations with them. It was more like I did it just for the sake of doing it – a requirement in our subject.




However, in NONe, we were given the chance to share with them (the kids) our faith and convictions, and to somehow make them feel Christ’s love through us. It was a two-way learning experience because we also learned from them. I, personally, was humbled upon hearing their sweet life stories of hope. I was reminded how God’s love is found everywhere, even in the places we least expect it to be felt. Through their stories, I was reminded that counting my blessings is not enough. I also have to be grateful for them, and in order for me to show this gratefulness, I have to take even the smallest steps in being a blessing to others as well.





The NONe experience, I believe, has reaffirmed not only the kids, but also us (volunteers) of how great God’s love is for each and every one of us. It has served as a reminder that being wealthy is not how much we have, but how much we give. Our true wealth is in heaven, let’s continue saving up for it.

Shared by Khaye Mercado
Campus-based Program

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