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Just like any other program team, ours, in the Campus Cup, has gone through a lot of challenges while preparing for the said event. The road has not been so smooth when we were pulling up ideas and resources for this year’s Campus Cup. But as they say, no matter how bumpy the journey gets, as long as your eyes are set on the goal, you will surely get there. And for us, the Campus Team, our eyes were focused on putting up a gathering that would serve as an alley of happiness for our brothers and sisters in the community, with God at the center of it all.











With all the things we have experienced, the Lord never made us feel that we would fall short. Being the generous father that He is, God continuously blessed us with providence of everything we needed to make the Campus Cup happen. It was Him who made it possible for us to gather and have fun in our chosen sports. Each participant was given the chance to be his or her “sporty” side. It has become a training ground to develop teamwork and camaraderie.








Not only that, Campus Cup 2014 has also paved the way to bond old friendships and build new ones. It was indeed a breather for everyone, especially for us students, after a toxic exam-week. Just like any other work for the Lord, Campus Cup 2014, by God’s grace, was a success!

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