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The first quarter of 2020 had us all drowning storm after storm.

With all the tragedies, sickness, not to mention the heaviness that our daily lives bring, haven’t we all had enough? 

Sometimes, I find myself asking, “Lord, when will this end?” And in the process of finding the answer to that question, I also found myself tired from waiting, tired from all the struggles, and tired from just—everything. 

It is during those times of tiredness that I start to think, what if we just cancel everything? Let’s cancel relationships because people have been complicated and toxic enough. Let’s cancel ‘showing up’ because why should I force myself when I am just so tired? Let’s cancel 2020, because honestly, why not?

Canceled. That’s how we answer nowadays to pain. When we feel hurt, we somehow get this air of entitlement that we could just throw away everything else that we do not want in our lives. Everything that burdens us, demands a lot from us and pains us – canceled.

But come to think of it, is canceling really the best response to everything that’s happening now? It seems like we are all just running away from problems that will still eventually catch us in the end. Maybe, the demand of the times is not to run away but to fully embrace the circumstances as it is. Maybe the message is to take a stand with hope. Maybe the answer is to commit to what the Bible says: to deny ourselves, carry our crosses, and follow Jesus.

And this is Jesus’ call: commitment. It is Jesus’ way of life. It is Jesus’ promise to His Father. Even if He had to love the worst of His people, even if He had to endure pain more than any of us could imagine, even if He had to die on the cross, mighty as He is, He did not cancel anything. Instead, by His commitment, He went through all of it and stayed obedient, graceful, prayerful, and above all, loving.  

May this season of storms bring out Jesus in us. The future may hold a lot of uncertainties for us. Challenges may still find us this year. But we overcome fear by knowing that we can still commit to things, which are certainly the very things we can never cancel—grace, hope, faith, and love. 

Above everything else, may we draw strength for our commitments by remembering that Jesus’ eternal commitment to us continues—He loves us. Unfailing and unceasing through all of life’s seasons, Jesus never canceled loving us.  Let’s not cancel our commitment to respond to His love. Let’s not cancel our commitment to love. After all, in this, we can be certain, as sure as Jesus’ resurrection, a glorious ending awaits us.

Jessa Mui is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the area of NCR North.

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