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The next best thing that I am most thankful for, aside from being able to know the Lord, is that our family is one of all the families that has been made whole and true by God through the MFC community. It is as if I could live the rest of my life full of courage because I know God and my family will always be a true home for me.

When I was a kid, it never came into my mind that my family as a whole would be living a religious life that is more than praying before and after a meal, rosary, or attending mass every Sunday. We are seven (7) in our family: me, my four (4) elder brothers, and my parents. My brothers, and I, used to fight when we were young. There were a lot of times when things are getting broken as we fight. But little by little, each of us was turned into a person we should be through the different ministries of the community.

But we are not perfect. There is still a lot of flaws in each and every one of us. There is still a lot of times we fail to do what we should be doing, or forget who we should be at times we were challenged emotionally and spiritually. It is true that evil will always have an assault on every family. 

Now at this time of enhanced community quarantine, we are all good. We have enough supply; we are all healthy; we are able to enjoy more our time being with each other. We are also able to pray the rosary and attend online mass every day. But there are a lot of times that we lose our focus, and we caught ourselves doing it just for compliance – forgetting that it is the most important thing we can do now for other families, the front liners, and especially those who are infected with the COVID-19. The temptation to choose comfort is really strong. There are times that we even forget that we should be a blessing to other families as well as how God blessed us. My brothers and I even make our services to the ministry or work from home duties an excuse to spare ourselves from house chores. 

We came to realize that evil is also at work even though we know that this crisis still has a good impact on us, to the environment, and especially to our families. This made me realize that as I become a youth media missionary at this point in time, I should never forget to be a missionary to my own family. I should overcome my own comfort and my laziness and strive to make them feel loved so that I can truly bring Christ to our home. So, in that way, there will be not only an individual missionary from home but a family of missionaries for Christ!

Neil Galang is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions team.

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