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My Summer House Training (SHOUT) experience was really a humbling one. God took me out of my comfort zone not because He wanted me to suffer but because He wanted me to experience life to its fullest. And truly, the Lord humbled me as I was tasked to be the kitchen steward during the SHOUT. I was really out of my comfort zone for 3 reasons: First, I really don’t cook. Second, I’m just too lazy to do it. Lastly, mas masarap na lang talaga kumain (It is better to just eat). Having had experienced everything about it made me more thankful to God than not: First, I was able to serve my fellow SHOUT-mates through cooking. Second, I was able to bond with them in the kitchen. Lastly, I appreciated eating even more.

Also, this year’s SHOUT nourished me in my pastoral side of being a YFL. Through the sessions given by our to-look-up-to ate’s in the community, I got really affirmed that I am so much blessed to be called to this service for the Lord. Though there are still times that I doubt the wisdom of God of putting me here, I got more challenged to do better for the sole reason that “God loves me and I love Him so much, He deserves nothing less kaya dapat dito ako hahataw!”

As a cluster servant, I was challenged to risk and do more for the Lord! The sole reason would be, “This is God’s work through me,” and because God called me, it costs me a lot – denying my dreams, my plans, and my relationships to just allow God to work in my life. Yes, you will be completely emptied, but believe that His grace will always consume and fill you. The surrendering part is never easy. Extreme hurt and pain go with it, but know that there’s always a reason why you can endure — LOVE OF GOD.

My whole realization made me ask God, “Lord, why do I have to experience all these hurts, pains, and sadness and go over the process of enduring it, when I could have had chosen my ways over Yours and still enjoy my life to its full?” Then, God answered me, “Just because I am God. And everything that you are is I Am. You have chosen to follow me, then live the life that is worth all of it — the life that I had planned beforehand for you”.

Lastly, living with awesome sisters from Paranaque, Manila, and Antipolo (PaMaLo) was a one-of-a-kind experience! Though we came from different districts, surprisingly, we complemented each other. Everything that happened inside our SHOUT house will always give me a reason to smile whenever I remember. I love you PaMaLo Sisters. Thanks for the love and for inspiring me to be the best woman that I can be for God.

Sobrang Hataw and all OUT thanks to You God for making me experience life at its best through SHOUT! 🙂

By: Tenten Hubac (YFL Antipolo)

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