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October 1 marked the start of the Month of the Holy Rosary. Praying the rosary is a very important part of our Christian life, as we ask for the intercession of our blessed Mother. Last October 2, the University of the Philippines Diliman held “A Living Rosary for the University” at the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice. The event was organized by the Campus Ministry Office and the Catholic Students’ Community. As part of the Catholic Students’ Community, YFL UPD participated in this Living Rosary along with the other Catholic organizations of the university. Our brothers and sisters from the other campuses also came and joined in giving honor to Mother Mary.




The event began at 6 p.m. with a Mass. Afterwards, a short intermission was given to prepare [the assembly] for the Living Rosary. Members of the Campus Ministry Office and the different organizations occupied the front rows of the church, forming a rosary. Each person in the front row was given a candle and a white rose. Before the start of each decade, the priest would read from the bible in line with the Glorious Mystery stated. After the reading, a member of the UP community would give his or her own personal reflection. Each mystery had a different interpretation, but these shared some similarities with our own sharing in the community. After the reading, the choir sang a song in honor of our Mother. The priest would then lead the Our Father, and each person in the front row would follow with one Hail Mary. After reciting the Hail Mary, the person would walk to the altar, place the white rose in front of Mother Mary, and light his or her candle from the candle next to her. Our brothers and sisters from YFL UPD and YFL Campus-based were some of the individuals who partake in leading the community in praying the Hail Mary.

When the last decade was prayed, all the lit candles came to form a living rosary and all the white roses were brought together in front of Mother Mary (the word “rosary” translates to “crown of roses”). Truly, it was a night dedicated to our dear Mother and a chance for us, as her children, to have a deeper experience of her love. It was a chance for us to honor her for being an example of a great disciple of Jesus – to always say yes to the Lord and to always hope and have faith in Him. It was truly a blessed night.

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us!

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