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Last September 15, District of San Fernando had their District youth conference at Pampanga Institute, Masantol, Pampanga. This conference had approximately 50 attendees. It was entitled “Hearts on Fire”.



The mission team were Sweet Roque, Alyssa de Ocampo, Cesar Arellano, and Hannah Rinoza. It was a rainy day yet a grace-filled day. There are flooded areas along the way, yet it did not stop the mission team.




The assembly started with a rosary and worship at around 1:00pm. The prayer meeting leader was the district servant, Lems Sunga. The opening worship leader was a chapter servant from St. Michael de Archangel Parish.



The session was entitled “Hearts on fire” given by Sweet Roque. It talked about fire like faith, faithless generation, and having hearts on fire. The session was followed by dyad. They shared and discussed how one can further sustain the fire of faith given to us freely by the Lord.



Praisefest was led by Cesar Arellano. After the DYC, they all went to the youth mass wherein they were the choir. They truly left with “hearts on fire”.

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