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Last May 28-29, I attended a High School Servants’ Training at the Guarnes’ residence. I am certain to say that it as one of the happiest weekend experience I had as a high school servant. It was my second time to attend a high school servants’ training but every word and every workshop struck me like it was my first time.




There was nothing unusual but maybe what made the difference was that I was able to open myself more not only to the vision but also to the people around me who were also handpicked and appointed in the same service as mine. For most it was their first time and I can see through them both the nervousness and the eagerness to be able to fulfill their responsibility as a high school servant. I may not be the best high school servant but what I can assure them is that the vision is possible not only through our own hard work but also through the help of God’s grace.   Through the training I learned and experience a lot of things; insights which I need to keep and put into works. I also learned to love the people who I’ve been with.




It was on our last day that we were to leave the venue of the training and start living the mission of evangelization in the high schools. And I am convinced that the high school-based is the best program ever!

Shared by Gem Penetrante
District of Pasig

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