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Pasig City. — As the sun shined so bright on the 20th of September, everyone was set thinking this was going to be one great day to be with friends, family and loved ones. But great days needed to be started right, and nothing says right than hearing what God wants to tell us through His Word. So, a mass presided by Father Bernando Carpio was done. After the mass, Tito Ricky Fabie was called to the stage to make an opening talk about why 3 clusters are there to make one district, one Pasig.

The whole place heard united voices from the different clusters as they sang worships to the Lord lead by Jeffrey Venturero. The lights went out after the opening worship and a video was shown. A dance number followed from the united dancers from different clusters. And then the Pasig chant was performed along with hosts Kyra, Azel and Kyle. Everyone was taught how the chant went including the titos and titas.


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Then, a video was shown about the people who are financially troubled. Session One started and kuya Dennis Dionisio talked about the advocacy we have for this year’s theme, The Year of the Poor. Kuya Dennis is an SFL and he talked about 1431. He explained that 1431 is not just random numbers but rather 14 steps for 31 days, 14 steps into helping the advocacy of helping the poor.

Lunch was given after the talk and after 45 minutes, everyone gathered back to the auditorium for another worship lead by Michael Cabiles. Then, the hosts appears and calls the game master, Gail Peterson to have representatives from different districts to dance the steps as shown by the projector. But before forgetting, they asked titos and titas to dance a number as well. All were energetic and full-forced to perform a great performance. St. Anne won for both the boys and girls category.

Another video was shown as it throwbacks the Live Pure Conference and the World Youth Congress for this year. Ate Karen Penetrante enters the stage to give the second talk. She explains the theme of the District Youth Congress 2015, “United: One Mind, One Heart, One Spirit.” She emphasizes on how much the community has helped her. She asked her sharers, Froilan and Daisy to talk about how the community has helped them grow. Afterwards, people were given colored papers to write down how much the community has helped them and they were asked to stick the papers to the UNITED figure that was in front of the stage.

The dancers show up in front of the stage after and perform a dance of how a guy was struggling with life but has found peace through hearing how much God has to offer and goes praising about it to his friends. Kuya J.J. Tropicales leads session 2 with his talk about his family and how their family has devoted their lives into missions and serving the community. Despite having successful careers and lives, Kuya J. is proud of his family because of how devoted they were to God and extending His community through missions and making all youth know Christ.

A Praise Fest lead by RJ Joquico ended the program making hearts fulfilled. A great Praise Fest to end the day, indeed. Especially if we have all our loved ones with us, not to mention, people had a chance to meet new friends. All went home with smiles on their faces, but before anyone forgets, pictures were taken as everyone goes to the stage to be photographed as one Pasig.

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