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As the ACY (Archdiocesan Commission on Youth) celebrated AYMO (Archdiocesan Youth Month) this month of September, It was really a privilege for me to be part of this celebration. This event aims to encourage and inspire the youth to “GO! DO NOT BE AFRAID, AND SERVE”.



AYOM was assigned to do the ending ceremony of AYMO which is the MISSION CONCERT. And YFL was assigned to do the flash mob and as a representative of our community that kind of experience was very heart-warming and an overwhelming one, it’s as if God was really with us and it had given me the feeling of encouraging other youth people to do more for God even in simple ways. I’ve seen how God truly works on His servants on that concert. During the flash mob, it totally caught the attentions of the young people they all stood up and joined. While in the middle of worship, it was really intense! I’ve seen how the Youth was on fire worshipping God.





On that event, I witnessed the youth in our generation that they still have the heart to know and understand more about God. I also watched how other youth had their inspirational testimonies. That day was full of never explained happiness and favor blessing that came from our Lord God. It was an amazing and inspiring event for us, young people to Go-Do not be afraid-Serve.

Shared by Paula Dela Cruz, District of Manila

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