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Baras, Rizal. –  YFL Philippine mission team and YFL Rizal servants conducted a Recollection for 117 Senior students of  Baras National High School. It was a whole day activity with 5 sessions of LCSC module.


lcsc baras 1


The program started at 9 o’clock with prayer led by Kevin Remandaban who was the team leader and then a game by Ren Oray to energize the crowd. We taught them an original YFL song “Almighty” then started the sessions. The morning sessions started with Talk 1: God’s love and His plan for us by Jayjay Tropicales tells us that God has a wonderful plan for us and our future is safe with Him.

Talk 2:Who is Jesus Christ to me by Bamba Reyes that explains who He really is and how He can relate to our personal lives. There was a discussion groups every talk which is facilitated by the whole YFL team. The students actively participated and responded on the discussions by sharing their own Jesus experience in the group.


lcsc baras 2


In the afternoon, a game again was conducted to jump start the activity. Talk 3: Repentance, faith, forgiveness and healing was given by Dhei Puyaoan and an activity was given after the session. The session was about realizing that we are sinners and God calls us to turn away from it and renew the faith in Jesus.  Talk 4: Receiving God’s gift: The power of the Holy Spirit that explains the importance of Holy Spirit in us and being open in receiving them given by Kevin Remandaban. The talk ended with a group pray over.


lcsc baras 3


Talk 5: Growing in the Spirit given by Miguel Magtibay that makes them appreciate the things that God has provided to them and how they are going to grow with it.


lcsc baras 4


The whole activity ended at 5 o’clock with a worship which everyone participated.  There are also students who expressed their interest to join the YFL community. Praise God for that!  It was an honor that we became part of the success of this recollection. The student’s cooperation and the activity itself inspired us that there are still a lot of youths who are hungry and thirsty of God’s message.


lcsc baras 5


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