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Everyone wants a complete and happy family whose members love and trust each other; A family who cares for each other and shares the same faith with regards to values and spirituality. 

However, there are numerous challenges that affect the family in this current time. Among those challenges are separation of families due to migration, economic reality, rebelliousness among its members, and irregular relationships of the parents that lead to annulment – or in the case of other countries, divorce. It is a sad truth that Catholic families today are being attacked. Family is the principal setting for the growth of each individual since it is through the family that human beings become open to life and the natural need for relationships with others. 

As MFC Youth, we are being called to take our part in this battle to defend our families – our first mission. We will not be efficient missionaries to the young if we fail to protect and evangelize first the people who are closest to us – our families. It is a mission to protect the family. With countless issues right now, that are thrown to families, our mission is to bring our families to Christ. For it is only Jesus Christ who can secure our family from anything that will try to destroy it.

I say this as a person whose family has gone through a lot. I was born in a family that is already part of the community and even with this fact, it does not excuse us from experiencing challenges. Growing up, I witness how our family has been judged by a lot of people. Some made fun of our dedication to serving the Lord.  I was bullied for being holy. I was called names back then. Each experience made me realize that it is really difficult to live in a world where people are lost and far away from God, where serving God seems funny and unusual. I don’t hate the fact that my family is in Christ, but the truth that other families are not. So, I help my family be one of God’s instruments in changing the world. Now, despite the judgments, we are truly happy and contented because we have God in the center of our family. We are now even more motivated to bring other families to Christ as well. 

Whatever is your family situation right now, I hope you keep on defending it. Even if your family is already okay right now, I hope you remember those families out there who need help. Be the role model for the young when it comes to loving and securing your family. You may not have all of the things and qualities you think you should possess, now is the time to strive to be better for your family – you have something to say and your words and actions will encourage others along the way. So please, continue to stand for the families. Even if it’s nothing more than doing these simple things: praying, attending mass, dreaming things, and spending quality time together; still, encourage those around you to do the same thing. As MFC Youth, let’s take the first step of our mission within our homes. Our families need us right now. Never discredit yourself. Never underestimate the power of what happens when Light pours in. God is with us in this battle. He values the family so much, and if we love God, we will also value the things that matter to Him.

Kimchie Luna is a Mission Volunteer for MFC Youth serving in the area of NCR Central.

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