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Last October 21, 2013, we had a pastoral mission training that was held at the home office in Manila. I came just in time to hear the pastoral talk of Kuya Dylan Reyes that was about the walk of the two disciples of Jesus to Emmaus, scared and full of doubt. Then they met Christ, walked with Him and spoke with Him, without them even recognizing Jesus. Jesus opened their eyes to the truth and they went back to Jerusulem to tell the apostles the Good News; because [they] felt their hearts burning with passion. In the same way, Kuya Dylan told us that we should be aware that more than us speaking and molding lives of other people, it would be Christ who would meet us along the way and talk to us and change our lives forever. And so I prayed earnestly that it may be so in our mission trip at Ozamis for the Northern Mindanao Youthfest.


Allan Sy giving the Ozamis team's recollection before the Youthfest.

Allan Sy giving the Ozamis team’s recollection before the Youthfest.




We arrived in the morning of October 25 at the Ozamis airport, and by the time we got out, there was already a smiling face waiting for us, it was Tito Domeng. He welcomed us with a joke and drove us to his home. He had lots of story he told us. Starting from the state ozamis’ politics to the principles he carried through the ages. As we had breakfast, he told us that, “it is easy to be religious, go to mass, pray every day, but it’s hard to be a Christian. Go love your enemies, isn’t that hard? But that’s what Christ taught us didn’t He?”  But what really caught my attention is when he told us the struggles of being a leader. He said, that along the way you will meet people who’d think of personal gain, even those people who you thought would be so near to God, people whom God have entrusted to you in community. When these people, whose principles get marred by political desire of power, fame, or financial gain, challenged the principles that God thought you, you must stand up even if your friends leave you. You must stand up because you are their leader; and you will be held accountable for whatever wrong decisions they would make.





As a leader and their servant, we have that obligation to stand up for what is right, to stand up for what is of Christ. I was surprised; God answered my prayers right away! He met me and spoke to me in the first two hours of the mission!

Shared by Allan Sy, UPLB Campus-based
District of San Pablo

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