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Meeting all new people, the food, testing out the extent of my bisaya speaking skills, new environment, I could go on and on. But most importantly, I know God showed me how awesome it is to work for Him. The Lord placed a desire on our hearts to serve YFL Northern Mindanao.




It was my first time to ride on a plane and go to Mindanao. I actually don’t have an idea what will happen on this mission trip aside from the program we have set for the Youthfest. I’m just excited on how God will work on my life in this mission.

We had our service team recollection for the Youthfest on our first day and it was so overwhelming seeing YFL Ozamiz smiling and happy. After the recollection, we had some “jamming” sessions on which I discovered that some of them are musically gifted. It was tiring but such a wonderful first day for all of us.




On the day of our Youthfest, everyone was so excited doing their own duties and responsibilities as part of the service team. I have given the opportunity to become a sharer on session 2 and it made me feel so blessed after I shared my story on how God worked on my life. I realized that I should not to be afraid to talk about my faith and share personal things which may help me to relate to others. Truly, an extraordinary experience seeing how blessed they are and to witness how they worship the Lord.

YFL Northern Mindanao is truly inspiring, their sacrifices just to make it on the Youthfest, to raise funds, and to evangelize other YFLs. I’ve seen how dedicated and convicted they are serving the Lord despite of challenges. Their relationship as brothers and sisters are very intact.




I am outwardly not the same woman after being in Northern Mindanao, my faith in God really deepened because of this mission trip. It was a very humbling experience for me. God showed me how awesome it is to serve Him through this community. The relationships I have with the people who were on our team were strengthened, and I met a lot of new people. Our trip also taught me to not worry so much. Everything went well, though not always according to planned, but God kept His promises, His will and not ours. I can’t wait for the next one, where I will go, and what God will do. Going on a mission trip can be one of the most rewarding experiences of our Christian walk.

I know that because of God’s limitless love, I can have a limitless faith and with that, I can do limitless things for Him. Truly, FAITH NEVER ENDS.

Shared by Nicole Brown, District of Lipa

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