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On the 18th up to the 19th of March 2017, we had our O.N.E Heart Youth Camp as part of our final activity for this year’s Project Wildfire of the High School Based Program. The said youth camp was held at Holy Child Academy and was attended by 15 participants. Most of the YFL HS Based members in HCA were part of the service team and was supported by previous high school servants , North youth servants, and YFL North coordinators all for this mission. If I were to summarize everything that happened and every realization I came upon from this youth camp, I would say that through this youth camp I have witnessed and can testify that by God’s grace; we have ONE Heart for the mission, for the Lord, and for the family.

The mission that the Lord has given to us was truly passed on to the students, especially the ones we once took care of during our first youth camp. By God’s grace they are now part of the service team. These students are about to graduate and the way I saw how they took care of the participants showed how they are passing on the love that our family has for one another and how it reflected our YFL culture. I remembered one of them saying to the participants, “Oh kayo na magtutuloy ng YFL HCA ah(You are going to be in charge of YFL HCA), and I knew right at that moment that the mission will continue. The battle for new evangelization will continue as long as the Lord dreams and hopes for us. We have ONE heart for the Lord. There are people in the team who are broken, who are troubled, who are empty, who are confused, who are lost, and those who have problems, but unworthy as we are we served the Lord that weekend all because we love Him. All our actions and words are from our hearts, overflowing with so much love and desire to glorify the same God, that put us there altogether. Lastly, we have ONE heart for the family. We have grown together –  as members of the YFL club and of the YFL as a bigger community, as brothers and sisters to one another, and as missionaries/servants of the Lord. From being lost, we found home in each other – we found a family, and I think that was the battle cry we had in our hearts that whole weekend. We started this fight as a family and we are going to finish it together as a family. We have finished the race with a victorious heart and now we look forward to a new beginning with a hopeful heart.

This youth camp is just another activity made to answer God’s call for new evangelization. There is a bigger battle in our society and in our country. The more youth brought closer to God, the clearer and the brighter the future will be. We are in a spiritual battle and our greatest armor is our constant and faithful YES to the Lord. We may never know how big our enemies are but once we hold on to each other as we depend on God, we will always be UNDEFEATED. God has already won us over the battle the moment Jesus Christ died on the cross – victory is claimed, the promise is on the cross.

Tina Rama is currently part of the Mission Volunteers group of the Youth for Family and Life under the High School based program. She is currently studying in the University of the Philippines and she aims to finish strong by graduating this year.

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