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I would like to share my story of how God expressed His extraordinary love for me.

Before I went on a mission trip to Dumaguete, I was given a challenge in my life. I said yes to the mission without having any source of money. I came to a point where I wanted to give up on the idea of going to mission because I did not know where to get the money for the fare and other things. Few weeks before the said trip, my sibling had to pay for his tuition fee and we had a lot of expenses at home. I was so disturbed but the Lord reminded me: “Anak huwag kang mangamba, huwag kang mawalan ng pag-asa. Dahil um-oo ka sa akin sagot kita.” (“My child, do not worry, do not lose hope. Because you have said Yes to Me, I will take care of you.”) Upon having this realization, grace flooded in. My couple coordinators called me and asked me to go to their house and they gave me money I can use for the mission.



I was so joyful that time because in less than an hour, God has already answered my prayer and my needs. God made me feel that He answers all my prayers especially if they are what is best for me. I realized through that moment that we should never lose hope and we must keep holding on to His love.



I was able to go on mission last May 24 to 30 in Dumaguete City and Bais, Negros Oriental. I was used as an instrument by God in the YFL and KFL activities there. And throughout my mission trip, the Lord kept on reminding me that I am not there just to give talks, lead worships but He also wanted me to be there so that I could learn from the people in Dumaguete. God wanted me to see the areas where He wants me to help. And I believe that is our calling: To answer the urgent call to evangelize more people and share our time to them and simply pray for them.


Daniel Dacanay is currently a Chapter “Kuya” in the YFL NCR Central Area.

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