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I can describe my YFL Con experience in three ways. ONE, I can really say that it is indeed another Jesus experience for me. Before, during, and after the conference, I can see the greatness of our Lord Jesus everywhere. I saw Him on how He sent the 352 members of Novaliches in Lucban. I saw and experienced Him during worships, praisefests, and talks. I experienced Him while I am collecting garbage, picking up trashes, and cleaning up the venue and trash bags. I saw Christ in the faces of the young YFL members. I experienced Christ during the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament; that close encounter with Him is the experience that I will never forget.

TWO, YFL Conference is a blessing. I believe that it is a blessing not only for me, but for the YFL members who attended the conference and to all their families. The conference opened the door of blessings to everyone. It seems like it’s an instrument of blessing to everyone; very beautiful and overwhelming. I came to the conference with a lot of worries. I was praying to pass the board exam. I even expected that the results will be released during that weekend, but it didn’t. But God gave me another opportunity to trust Him and His plans. One week after the conference the result of the board exam was released and PRAISE GOD I passed the board exam. If the organizers of this conference will ask the attendees who among them were blessed, I will be the first one who will stand up and say “HEY I WAS BLESSED BECAUSE OF THE CONFERENCE”. The Lord continues to use the annual conferences to bless other people, to give them hope, to strengthen their faith, to allow them to love even more and to always remind them that God is always here and God has a beautiful plan for us.

THREE, YFL Con is a dream come true for me. I have two siblings: my younger brother and younger sister. Since the iTrust WYC, it was only my brother and I who were attending the conference, but this year was very different, my younger sister was with us now. I can’t believe that time flies so fast. Before, it was just a dream but now it just happened. My younger sister is now a YFL member and all three of us experienced the greatness of the Lord in this WILDFIRE conference. So beautiful.

DR Arellano (L), with Richard Repolona (R), both District Servants of Metro Manila.

According to the Bible, If we only have a faith with a size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains. Unbelievable but true. If we have faith in God, if God is with us, we can do anything and nothing will be impossible. I think the theme of my life this year is “GRASYA LANG NG DIYOS” (Only the Grace of God). The faith that we have is because of the grace of God. The success of the conference is only because of the grace of God. I passed the board exam because of the grace of God. I had my dreams came true because of the Grace of God. It is only by His Grace that we are saved and we can only experience this grace if we only believe and give our full trust in Him.

Praise the Lord.

By Kuya DR Arellano, District of Cubao
Mission Volunteer

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