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Faith is a gift it was freely given to me by my God. Before Wildfire Conference the theme was so very true to me because God was calling me to be one of the sharer for Wildfire conference at first I asked myself if I can do it or not and my heart was telling me YES! But my mind was telling me that I cannot do it! So I prayed to him “Lord I know in my mind was telling that I cannot do it because I am not worthy to do such things like this but because you are so great to me yes Lord!  I entrusted you everything. “And truly God is so faithful to me because he uses people around me to affirm me and made me realize how great He is all throughout my life and from that moment I realized I felt his burning love for me that I cannot help but to respond to it with a YES! With one Yes! My life will not the same again.


Faith is not faith until it is tested. During the Wildfire Conference I was challenged by my faith, I was conquered by my fear worrying about what people will respond from my sharing but still my faith in my God prevails his love prevails in me I can remember what kuya RJ told me “Danika, kailangan nila marinig ang storya ng buhay mo dahil sobrang galing ng Diyos sa buhay mo” I was teary eyed when I remember those words hindi dahil sinabihan ako na ganyan kundi dahil sobrang totoo ang kagalingan ni Lord sa buhay ko. Even if it is impossible it will be all possible because my God is bigger than my fears.


In Faith we will do greater works  before kuya Dylan called me to share I was at the backstage and kuya Rj was listening to my sharing. It came to a point that I forgot my sharing and I was so pressured with time. Despite of those things, God used Kuya RJ to make feel that He is always there for me no matter what it takes and he is the one who brought me there and the reason why I live I was brought to tears because I realize  how God made me experience the things that I never imagine and never ever done in my life yet! The moment I stood there and shared, I told to myself that” This is not all about me, it’s all about my God who is so faithful to me”. After I shared, there was a fire that burning in my heart that I can’t contain. I will not stop falling in love with Him, serving and knowing Him more. I can’t wait and I’m so excited to share this experience to my brothers and sisters sa mission area ko. This year of Faith, God will work wonder through us and in us.  Through the power of the His spirit, our faith will burn like Wildfire.

Lord I’m in awe by your Amazing love. I know saying thank you is not enough for the experience that you let me feel during Wildfire conference and thank you for bringing people that I needed the most. May this fire in my heart not just stay within me, but rather may I share it to my brothers and sisters and be a living witness of your greatness


By Danika Guimbal, District of Bacolod

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