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That morning of September 28, 2013 was truly a memorable experience for the people who were there in Brigiño Manor in Pandi, Bulacan. Tito Eddie and Tita Zennie Brigiño, CFC Malolos, invited CFC YFL to conduct the first session of the Live Pure Series, which is the Chastity Forum. It was for their high school and college scholar [students]. The attendees, around 100 of them, are YFLs and Non-YFLs combined.


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The assembly started with a short prayer and followed by a game and presentation. Afterwards, Leah Dionisio gave a short introduction about CFC YFL and the Live Pure Movement followed by Jerald Cruz who was the speaker of the Chastity Forum. The forum was made real by the sharing of Vhea Zaragoza from the District of Manila.  It was truly a blessing for the youth scholars to know and receive the good news of Chastity. After the session, a very fruitful Open Forum happened. It was inspiring to see them taking courage and to listen to them asking questions about the topics and points discussed, knowing that they actually have the eagerness to learn. They raised a lot of questions and concerns that the youth and their families today are experiencing. Before it ended, Tito Eddie and Tita Zennie told the youth about the importance of the topic and how they really wanted them to have a good life, that whatever hardships they are experiencing at the moment, they are there to help. They also pointed out how the Lord is so good that He is using people as instruments for us to feel that He loves us so much.


The mission team together with Tito Ed and Tita Zennie Brigiño.

The mission team together with Tito Ed and Tita Zennie Brigiño.


It was indeed a privilege to witness the youth scholars committing to live a chaste life and knowing that they are looking forward to hear the other forums of the Live Pure Series. Beyond doubt, God was there and that it was the leading of the Holy Spirit that the session and open forum went well. Praise be to God!

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