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When I was new in the community, I belonged in a brother-dominated chapter where I only had a few sisters to look up to. Since there were moments when these sisters of mine were called to do service besides what they had in our chapter, I had mostly relied to our couple coordinators who poured their hearts in taking care of us. They were always there, from planning the events, to being the people who really worked behind a successful assembly. They had shown us an undeniable support and took their time to get to know each of us in the chapter, and even when it was really hard to open up, they paved their way to our hearts. They welcomed us as if we are their own children, checked us up and opened their home for our whole chapter. They made our journey of knowing Christ worthwhile.

Looking back, I can still recall when I was first called to step up my service to the Lord. I was really hesitant and I do not know how an ate should act, nor how to take care of my younger sisters in our chapter. I questioned my capabilities and my worth as a servant, but my couple coordinators were among the first who continued to believe in me. They reminded me how beautiful this calling is and they assured me that in this new chapter of my life, they will never leave me. Truthfully, as I served Christ through my chapter, they were with me.

My relationship with them was not as smooth sailing. There were even moments when I had a hard time understanding my coordinators’ plans and ways. At times, I even questioned their decisions on how our chapter should be. But then, I remembered how they helped in molding me, and realized that their ideas, although it sometimes differed to mine, were what they thought was best for us, and these were the manifestations of their love. As times went by, I began to see them, not just as couple coordinators, but as my community parents who God called to instill to me the things that I failed to understand.  Through them, God assured that I have nothing to worry for He blessed me with parents who will be my home wherever I go.

As St. Theresa of Avila said, “what a great favor God does to those He places in the company of good people,” I realized that undeserving as we are, the Lord still placed us together with our couple coordinators who He knows will be the best persons to guide, protect, supervise and love us. They are not perfect, but so we are, and still we are united to bring God’s love to each other. Because of this, let us treat our coordinators with utmost respect, and may we appreciate all their efforts, for we know, they are God’s gift.

Gilora Rabago is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving as the Area Servant at NCR East

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