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Perseverance. What is it? It is a fruit that we need when we enter God’s kingdom. A person who has perseverance endures no matter how much trials or sufferings he or she has to go through. In this time of pandemic, this word is what we need. We encounter a lot of struggles with our families, studies, friends, and many more. 

For sure, many of us are slowly losing our fuel to persevere because of what is happening. Maybe our faith was shaken because of sickness, job losses, and financial problems. Acknowledge that the evil force will do everything and anything to make us lose our hearts for the Lord. But despite these things, the truth also remains that God will forever be faithful to you. Hang in there! Press on until the end. It will take a lot of determination and perseverance to get to where God wills us to be.

During this pandemic, I experienced the lesson of perseverance first hand. There were struggles that happened to me and my family. First, our family business is slowly losing our clients due to bankruptcy of businesses brought about by the economic recession. Second, my brother and I lost our jobs. We came to a point where we do not have enough income to sustain our daily living, so I decided to venture on an online business. At first, it was okay. I can manage the operations and my family members are helping me. It was not that easy because the risk of going out is there, but we have to continue for us to be able to pay our bills. 

As we had decided to keep the online business running, we know that the risk will remain. And the dread of getting infected by the virus finally came – our whole family got infected. So we decided to temporarily close our businesses. I came to a point where I questioned God. There were a lot of “whys”.  “Why does it have to be us, when we are always praying as a family?” “Why? When we always attend Sunday masses?” 

As I asked these questions, I thought God didn’t answer. But the truth is, He remained and kept His promises. At first, it was hard to accept. It was dark and I can’t see God clearly. I can’t understand anything. We don’t have enough money to maintain our daily expenses, we don’t know where we can get help. But with God’s providence, this community prayed for us and helped us by providing the things that we needed. We felt that we weren’t alone in this battle. In that experience, we felt God’s presence. Our whys turned into endless gratitude. He never failed to remind us that we have Him – and that is enough. I realized that this experience helped us strengthen our faith and opened our hearts to persevere with God, because we believe that everything will eventually be alright. Our family remained strong. 

After our isolation, we went back to our usual routines. We resumed selling our products online. We also got more clients in our family business and we are looking forward to welcoming more opportunities in our second lives. 

Struggles will always be there when we exercise perseverance and faith. We need to endure and take everything with faith. In James 1:2-4 it says, “Count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.” The testing of our faith is what we are experiencing right now. Do we really believe that there will be an end to our struggles? Yes. All hardships will turn into won trials. We continue to believe that God is with us in everything that we are experiencing right now because He wants us to realize that if you keep trying and knocking, the door will open. We need to have faith, courage and strength to keep going.

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