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I started to serve the Lord when I was in third year college through the activities of MFC Campus (formerly known as CFC-YFL Campus-Based). Since then, the fire in my heart has never stopped burning. From then on, I have only one desire—and that is to be a missionary student. As a missionary, I consistently gave my YES to every event I was asked to serve. But even as I served, there were crosses that I still must carry. My greatest  cross was money.

“Pumunta ka kahit saan mo gusto basta ‘wag ka sa amin hihingi ng pera.”
(Go anywhere you want as long as you do not ask us for money.)

I often hear this line from my parents. They were unable to support my mission life financially, as we had many bills to pay. But since Jesus Christ embraced His own cross, I did too.

“Tsok, free ka ba? Serve ka naman!”
(Tsok, are you available? Why don’t you serve?)

Every time people asked me to serve as long as I am available, I boldly gave my YES, even if at the back of my mind, there was always the question of where and how I can get money for the registration.

My college allowance ranged from 20 to 50 pesos only. In order to attend campus events, I had to save money. And to save money, I had to limit my expenses for my transportation. I never hesitated in giving my brave YES to the Lord despite my limitations because I believe that He is also doing something in order for me to attend those events. Despite being short with my finances, the number of fingers that I have won’t be enough to count the number of events  that I have attended. They are also not enough  to count the number of provinces in Luzon and Visayas that I was able to visit for mission trips because of my YES.

I have heard stories from others— stories that are similar to mine and we have been rewarded by God. Some topped their exams, some became even part of the Dean’s List, and many graduated from college on time. All of these great encounters happened because God’s grace is real and  present as we say yes to Him.

After graduating from college, I told myself that I wanted to be a teacher. This meant another year of studying and balancing my time for academics and mission. I graduated on time and took the Licensure Examination for teachers the same year. During my review, I battled anxiety attacks and depression. I kept asking myself: “Papasa ba ako?” (“Will I pass?”)

Even so, my review for boards never stopped me from serving. I still remember whenever I went to a different university to lead LBS, Households, Assemblies and Youth Camps, I always brought my review materials with me. I always gave away the three-letter word that the Lord wanted from me—YES. And because He is a generous God, He granted the desires of my heart. Last December 2019, He gave me the three letters I wanted after my name,  LPT (Licensed Professional Teacher). God remains faithful. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He never forgets the people who make Him the priority of their life. As I end this sharing, I would like to leave this with you: 

Hindi talaga magiging hadlang ang pag-aaral sa mission.
(Studies will never be a hindrance to fulfill our mission)

Right now, we are in a situation where we are forced to conduct studies online. Even though it’s different and complicated, one thing is true—God remains faithful. Even if we are busy, we must not forget to find time to spend with God during this pandemic.

I am Jazper Jaevid Rojas, LPT. For this sharing may God be praised!

Jazper Rojas is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions Team.

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