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CHANGE! No matter how radical it is, regardless of what people will say, CHANGE! Nothing would be much reasonable and rational than to change things for the Lord.

People may not understand. People may say that what we’re doing is too much, or maybe for the sake of trying to shake us from our senses, they’ll tell us: you’re being unreasonable! But if we’re doing things for the Lord, is it questionable? If we are totally changing ourselves and stripping earthly things from us all because we want to love and please the Lord, is that really too much? Are we really being unreasonable?

I say no! GOD IS THE MOST REASONABLE REASON. I do things because I love Him. I strive to improve myself because He shows me that I still can. It is true that I find myself being questioned by other people and sometimes asking myself too. But I only have one reason kept in my heart, and that is the Lord.

Having the Lord as my ultimate Reason is enough. It is enough to keep me going. It is enough to keep me running. He is enough Reason to live, and enough Reason to die of myself even in the simplest ways.

Honestly, letting go of these words scares me. “Mapapanindigan mo ba yan? Makakayanan mo ba yan? Baka hype lang yan.” But then again, I am reminded of why I am doing this and who I am doing this for. I am reminded that I am doing this for the only One who has never let go of my hand. As long as I keep trying, as long as I keep on reaching out to His hand, I know will be fine. He always uplifts people who fights for Him, who seeks for Him, who changes things to love Him.

In the middle of this road, I may falter and commit mistakes, but I go back to the Reason why I started walking on this road in the first place. I get up and look at Him with full confidence and trust. Because He is my Reason, I will never go wrong.




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