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“What a year!” Whether we say it with a happy, exhausted or relieved tone, indeed, 2013 was a year we’ll never forget.

2013 welcomed me with major changes and, of course, a lot of uncertainties:

1)    There was a new roster of Novaliches Core and many of the cluster servants before have already transitioned to the SFL ministry (Singles for Family and Life).

2)    Another is the fact that after five (5) years of being with us in the ministry, our District Couple Coordinator was transferred to another service and a new District Couple Coordinator were in place.

3)    My partner in being District Servant was also transferred to another area and another brother stepped up to being the kuya of the district.

4)    Coming from seven (7) clusters, the whole of the Novaliches District re-organized itself down to only four (4) clusters.

5)    And speaking of personal life, I also started on my second job this January and I had to adjust to a bigger company, farther workplace, a more hectic schedule, new workmates and a new boss.

New people, new job, new

I swear I was really doubtful that time. But I just kept on reminding myself that it was the Year of Faith and I should, well…deepen my faith and trust more.

God, that time, has placed in front of me circumstances that can either scare me or make me stronger. I can have all the reason to say, “God, I give up. I’m backing out. I know I can’t do this. It’s too much for me.” Yet, the Lord assured me through my life verse, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6.

The Lord was asking me to trust more. Even if everything was beyond my control, even if I was already treading far from my line of comfort zone, He wanted me to trust in Him. And not just to trust Him, but to trust Him with all my heart…

When we trust with all our heart, it comes to a point when all we can do is surrender. Maybe that was the very thing that happened this year; I just surrendered. I know it was impossible to understand everything; all the changes, and transferring, and starting over again, yet, I was never alone. Even if I was way past my human comprehension, the Lord led me to understand that at those moments, all I can ever do is to trust in His love for me, and that His grace is overflowing and He will never ever let go of my hand.

Trust was really the key.

Trusting completely and wholeheartedly leaves no room for doubt to creep in…

…And that was what the Lord asked of me this year.

This year has given me a dose of learning experiences, tears, trials, joys, victories, laughter, friendship and more people to love and share myself to.

Also, it would take too much space if I were to recount in detail everything that has happened to me this year. But yes, I can say that I REALLY LEARNED A LOT. And I will be forever grateful for that.

Looking back now at everything, I cannot believe how I got here. When at the start of the year of things were uncertain, now, I’m at the end of the year’s journey and I made it. Truly, the Lord makes straight our paths when we trust Him with all our hearts. When everything in us is uncertain, He can be the only certain thing in this whole wide world.

As we approach the last few days of 2013, we are faced with a lot of questions, changes, and yes, uncertainties that 2014 may bring. Many surprises are in store for us and all the more should we be excited. Let us welcome next year with fearless hearts that will trust the Lord more and more. And together, we shall say, “Bring it on, 2014! We are ready for anything.”




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