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I came to this life of being a missionary two years from now and for me it is truly the best job ever. It was the most ideal work that anyone who grew up in the community could ask for! A job that will make you Holy and a job that allows you to be courageous in doing what you need to do. In my mind, being a missionary is doing what we need to do as a pastoral worker. Meeting KRA, going to missions, giving a talk and taking care of the young. But as I grow deeper in my relationship with God and as I allow myself to look outside my circle. I realize how disordered the world is outside.  

The war is real. The battle with the enemy does really exist. And what is unfortunate, is that right now, the enemy is within. And we are aware of it! Some of us know what to do and how to fight it but a lot of us are confused or lack courage to combat it. 

The three things I learned from the book Holy Warrior written by Tito Frank are:

First is to be passionate. We need to have passion for the mission. We need to have an ardent desire to bring people closer to Him. Every soul in this world matters. It is true that Satan is dedicated to ruining souls here on earth and so we have to gird up our loins and prepare to fight for these souls. How? Be consistent in doing our mission. Let us be inspired to invite more people to youth camp and LBS and pray for these souls. They are more than just a number but they are souls to be brought to heaven. 

Second, be steadfast. Let us have an unwavering faith in God. Tito Frank said that in the end, we will be victorious. Let us cling to that, but still we need to do our part as a servant. We must not fall into the trap of mediocrity. Hindi pwedeng “pwede na” at hindi din lahat ay basta-basta tinatanggap.  We must be excellent at all times to give justice to the Love that fights for us every single day. Do we fight for our advocacies? Do we participate in all MFC Youth campaigns? Do we speak up against the DEATH Culture? Yes, this battle will be victorious in the end but we need to fight for and fight with Jesus. 

Lastly, be courageous. This courage can only be achieved if we know how to love. The enemy doesn’t know this. They don’t have this. This is our advantage, love. We, His servants, know how to love because we are made out of love and we are made to love. This love will give us courage to thrive in this chaotic world that we are in. In times of fear and doubts that we have, call on Him, He will surely come. His love will abound. 

Surely, the world is chaotic but God is stronger amidst everything. Let us not fall into the trap of staying in our comfort zones. Go out there and win souls for the Kingdom, you, Holy Warrior.   

Dhei Puayaoan is a Full Time Pastoral Worker of Missionary Families of Christ. She serves in the youth section as the Zone Youth Coordinator of Mindanao and the coordinator of MFC HIGH.

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