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God’s radical love has been experienced by most YFL’s this refreshing summer with a lot of life-changing events which happened inclusive of the radical WYC, gratifying SHOUT’s and various Youth Camps all over the country. But then, it would not just stop there, Campus Based program organized an Execom Retreat intended for the area servants, campus presidents, senior sisters and execoms. EXERT is a heart setting retreat for the incoming school year to ready the hearts of the servants and be able to plan for their own campuses.




The retreat taught the servants that they are the guardians of the vision showed to them by God and to stay away from thinking of it as a burden but a privilege to spread the Word in their campuses. “Many are called but few are chosen.” Therefore it should remind them that they are more than conquerors who need to equip themselves with excellence, decisiveness, big thinking, leadership attitudes, holiness and most of all love. It should not be forgotten that aside from being functional, they should need to be relational too.  Significantly, the greatest of all these which is love should be given to their members for genuine love can change a person’s heart.  People would not care how much the servants know until they understand how much these servants care for them. Despite the struggles and hardships of being a servant, it is important to become still because God will always make a way when there seems to be no way. And lastly, the servants should prepare themselves for they are on to battle and off to war. There will be different oppressions in doing the work of the Lord but all they need to do is to pray consistently, become a source of unity, control their emotions, do what is expected of them, to value their relationships, and have faith.

The remarkable 3 day-event is a success to everyone. The Lord has been truly superb especially to the campus people for giving them a radical heart to serve and to set their campuses on fire!

News-ed by Tin De Leon
Centro Escolar University Campus

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