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Boso-Boso, Antipolo. — There is no place that God’s love can’t reach.






Last May 24, 2014, the Diocese of Novaliches’ Parish Youth Ministry partnered with CFC YFL to lead their worship. It was a great privilege for us to share God’s love at its finest. Personally, at first it was hard because things are not going our way in the preparation for the worship. It’s like it does not want us to continue this worship because of the circumstances but we are reminded that you are brought here because of the love of God.  And we know that this event will be always all about God.

During the worship, it just felt that God is really changing the lives of the people that it does not even matter if we came from different places  because there is no place that His love couldn’t reach. It is just an affirmation that God is always there with us wherever we are.  Never stop running. Never stop loving.

News-ed by Kuya Mac De Leon
Novaliches District Servant

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