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By Jermer Cruz and Raine Eguico
YFL Fulltime Workers

catholic saintsWhat comes to mind when you hear the word “saint?” You’d probably think of the “very” people who ever existed in the world. It seems that they’re up there with God in heaven and we’re down here. Too much gap, right? Interestingly though, they were also ordinary people like us who loved God and His people extraordinarily. Someone even said that “Saints are saints because they’re in love with the person of Christ.” If this is the case, then it is “very” possible for all of us to be considered “very” holy people of God. If they once did it in the past, why can’t we love Jesus and His people tremendously in our generation now?

So what’s so impressive about these saints?

Let’s take a look at St. Augustine’s beautiful expression. He said “They are not called because they are saints, but they are saints because they are called.” This may surprise you but there’s such a thing as a universal call to holiness. That means that all Christians are called to be holy – we ARE part of this. And what actually made the saints saints? Their extreme YES to that call. God called them to be holy and they responded in ordinary ways out of their extraordinary love for Him.

When they gave their YES to God to go for holiness, they were brought to a deeper level of seeking His Kingdom here on earth which is rather materialistic, selfish and worldly. Some renounced their unnecessary material possessions while others courageously gave up their lives for Christ (who are better known as martyrs). Some others, too, lived humbly through their “little way” towards Him.

What’s more impressive is the fact that these saints who are holy and set apart came from any human situation and circumstance there is. They were men and women, fathers and mothers, daughters and sons, teachers and students, young and old, witty and ignorant, etc. This goes to show that just like them, we can be set apart and be holy. We can look to them as our role models and can imitate them as they imitated Christ in their lifetime.

At the end of the day, it will all boil down to Christ who made all the difference in the lives of these saints. Because they were once in Christ, all they wanted was to be like Him and to love like Him.

How about you? Are you actually in Christ? If your answer is yes, start desiring to be like Him and to love like Him. Who knows? You may be the next one to be set apart, to be a “very” holy one just as how you used to regard saints to be.

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