In Cool Catholics, On Bended Knees

By Jerald Cruz and James Aguila
CFC YFL Mission Volunteers


Christmas season marks the beginning of our liturgical calendar. It signifies a fresh start in our lives as Catholics –reminiscing, re-experiencing and reliving our Lord’s saving grace. We prepare for this by observing symbolic traditions, such as lighting of the advent wreath during the Eucharistic Celebrations. Holy Masses are started off by allowing members of a specific family to light a candle in the advent wreath followed by recitation of a prayer. So many “Extras”, have you ever wondered why we do such?

Advent is a time of prayer and it is signified by the advent wreath, the green ring-like bush with four candles anchored on it that we see every time we go to mass. The characteristics of the wreath symbolize the reasons why we pray more during this time of the year. More than the tangible gifts we wish for, we pray for the Lord to help us condition, prepare and renew ourselves, because we believe that a never-ending God has come in this world and in our hearts to never-endingly love us. We pray because we believe that this coming would everlastingly bring us inner- peace, life, contentment and joy, all signified by the four candles lit at the same time during the week of Christmas itself.

Discover your own reasons, as you continue praying for your heart’s desires this Christmas.


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