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When I was in my final year in Senior High School, I always wanted to pursue a career in medicine. I believed that I can serve God and the people better if I chose this path. However, I was really against the idea of taking up Biology because I felt like it didn’t really focus on medicine, but more on studying all living organism. So, whenever people would ask me what course I’d take up in college, I’d respond with, “Kahit anong pre-medicinal course, ‘wag lang Biology.” (P.s. I don’t hate people taking up BS in Biology).

Fast forward to May-July, the results are out for the college admissions, and to my surprise, I got into my dream school, but I have to take up Biology. I remember, during my prayer time, I’d always ask God, “Lord, bakit di mo nalang ako pinapasa sa Public Health (my dream course)?.” After many months of questioning, I didn’t receive any answer. It was pure silence.
With that, I entered college with a heavy heart. I am grateful that I got into my dream school, but I just can’t believe that I’ll be taking up Biology. I’d always complain about my requirements because I didn’t really feel like learning. However, as I was taking up the courses “Integrated Principles of Biology” and “Plant Morpho-anatomy and Physiology”, I saw myself taking an interest in the topics and concepts.

As months flew by, I saw learning Biology as an opportunity to know and love God. It was very complicated, for sure, but in those complications, I saw how detailed God was in forming His beloved creations. Sure there are times when I’d complain about how hard it is for me to grasp the evolutions of plants (how they reproduce, how they were able to adapt to the many challenges of the times), but at the same time, I saw how God was so careful in creating, not just us humans, but the plants and animals as well.
To be honest, God could’ve just made the plants and animals with no detailed anatomy and physiology. He could’ve just made the plants with such simple structures – but He didn’t. Through this degree program, God made me realize that He created us and every living creature on this planet with thorough thinking. He didn’t just create the plants and animals for no reason. Just like us, God made the other living organisms because He simply loves them. He loves all of His creation be it humans, plants, or animals, and this thought made me care for them as well. Knowing that God was very careful in forming them, shouldn’t I care for them with equal dedication as well?

Indeed, God is very mysterious, His plans are mysterious and hard to accept at first. I think if I didn’t take up a BS in Biology, I wouldn’t be as in love as I am now with His creation. I started my college life with no clear vision. I was sure about pursuing medicine, but I wasn’t so sure about pursuing Biology. Moving forward, God is saying to me that as I learn how to take care of the people that I’ll be tending in the future, I should also learn how to take care of His other creations as well. He wants me to uphold life, because He, himself, is life.

I am happy to be God’s love-oratory (laboratory) assistant, and I can’t wait to see more of God’s creation through His microscopic eyes.

Kuya PJ Delos Reyes is a Mission Volunteer from MFC Youth GenSan. He is serving as the Area LIT Servant of Mindanao.

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