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When I was 7 years old, I really wanted to learn how to ride a bike. I remember my Dad holding my handlebar and saddle until I was, to my surprise, riding it all by myself. He guided me even if I fell and caught a wound. It was very memorable for me because I didn’t give up, and neither did my dad. 


My dad always forced me to wake up early and ride a bike. I was too lazy because, first, it was too early, and second, I didn’t want to get tired. There was a time when my dad said that biking is his way of unwinding. He said that even if he is tired there’s still an achievement when you reach your destination. He said “Di ko akalain makakapunta ako sa mga lugar na ‘to”. And that was then I started to ride again and see if it is really true. At first, it was only for my fitness but little did I know, there was this small feeling of joy until I was really fond of it. You’ll meet people in the streets and have small conversations, and realize how simple life is because of their stories. But riding a bike is not easy. There were times that my tires got flat, my chains broke, and my brakes got weak. You have to check the condition of your bike before riding out and going too far places and you really have to endure how tiring it is. Climbing up to a stiff road, pedaling for hours, you’ll be left behind and enduring the heat. You will not always feel joy. Actually, it is more tiring, but the fulfillment of you getting to a specific destination is more fulfilling. 


Just like in biking, we really have to set our hearts. Sometimes, our journey is tiring, you’ll get frustrated, you’ll get thirsty, you’ll get insecure, you’ll be left behind. But it is all because you didn’t set your heart in a good condition. It is the journey that is important. Changing tires, broken chains and even losing your brakes are no excuses to not continue the journey of biking. It will always be part of the process. Like in life, we will have to embrace change, experience our hearts break, and encounter challenges that would lead us to lose hope. But we will not experience losing Him on our journey. He will always be there to fix our hearts, strengthen our faith, and give hope in every circumstance in our lives. You just have to accept His help and you’ll never know that, with your cooperation, you’ll get to our ultimate destination – Heaven. 

So, are you ready to ride?

Ate Blinky Rodriguez is a mission volunteer from NCR South. She is serving in MFC HIGH.

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