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Woke up today and realized that this the first day of the most amazing experience I will ever have. Young as I am, the Lord gave me the opportunity to serve Him in a mission in Visayas. This may be something far greater than my expectations of what He planned for me or something really out of my comfort zone, but He called me to do this and that’s the BEST part of it. The fact that God called me to do His work, that itself is the greatest privilege He has given to me. Being called by God to do something big may entail a lot of sacrifices, a lot of risks, and so many things I have to leave behind, but I realized that an experience like this shouldn’t be something I should be afraid of because an experience like this, more than the sacrifices and the fears, I know it would lead me to knowing Him more and to falling in love with Him deeply.

Today, May 19, 2011, I may be riding a plane alone going to Visayas, I may not know what to expect or what I would be seeing there, or what kind of people I would be meeting, all I am relying on right now is that I am in God’s hands, I am under His care. As early as now, I want to praise God and thank Him for the gift of mission! I pray for everyone who are in their own mission areas or who will be going to their mission areas, that may God use us to glorify His name more.

“I stand my soul, Lord to You surrender. ALL I AM IS YOURS…What can I say? What can I do? But OFFER this heart, O God COMPLETELY to You.”

By Trenzy Rombaoa, YFL Cubao

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