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by Arvin Serra
CFC YFL Fulltime Worker

Singapore, often called the Lion City, is a small island country located south-west of the Philippines. It is a very cosmopolitan city, with so many people of different races, nationalities and culture living there. Singapore is also one of the world’s leading financial centres, thus those who live there enjoy a certain amount of prosperity.

Last November 11-29, 2010, Giella Sanchez and I, along with Kuya Joseph Tesoro, our CFC YFL International Coordinator, and Gam Guarnes and Tinay Mamaril, 2 CFC YFL Mission Volunteers, went to Singapore for a short-term mission trip. It was a very enriching experience for us as we conducted different activities for CFC YFL, and for the other Family Ministries, as well.

November 13, was our LIVE PURE Day, as we conducted Chastity, Brothers and Sisters and Love Fora to our CFC YFL brothers and sisters in Singapore. The following day, November 14, we conducted a CFC KFL Kids Camp Training to them as well, in order to prepare and equip them to serve the following week. In addition, we held a Singles’ Party, which served as a ‘Crowd’ Activity for CFC SFL, last November 17, with the purpose of gathering potential participants for their upcoming Christian Life Seminar and around 30 singles came to that activity. Furthermore, last November 19, 24 and 26, we taught dance, music and acting to the students of Shelton International School as a ‘Crowd’ Activity for CFC YFL. November 20-21, was Singapore’s 1st ever CFC KFL Kids Camp with around 20 participants, most of whom are sons and daughters of CFC FFL members. We conducted a Worship Workshop again to our CFC YFL Singapore brothers and sisters, last November 23, for them to appreciate more why we worship God. We also helped in CFC FFL Singapore Young Ministries’ Annual Planning, which was held last November 25. Finally, we served CFC FFL Singapore’s Christmas Party held last November 28.

With all of these different activities, truly the Lord showed us that He is Almighty in the Lion City!

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  • Carmela Fe Acuyan

    I miss you kuya arvin!! Hope to see you again in samar!
    GodBLess in your Mission..

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