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Last month, our district had its Nehemiah Leadership Weekend. The weekend wasn’t new to me because it was my third time to attend the event. But what was new to me is that it was the first time that I would be attending it as a cluster servant.

Knowing that this was my third NLW, I couldn’t help but reminisce the past NLWs I’d been through. Looking back, the NLW has made a great impact in my life. It was through this weekend that the Lord further unfolded his plans for me and my calling as a chapter servant. I was but an average youth, but I didn’t consider myself that way. I never had too many close friends and I wasn’t very sociable. I was just a quiet kid minding his own world. But little did I know that my yes to God’s calling would change my life forever. I became a household servant, and not so long after I was called to be a chapter servant. I didn’t know why I was chosen. I’m not a good speaker and I’m not exactly a people person. But I’ve felt God’s love and I knew this was my way of loving Him back.




I was called to be a chapter servant in an area outside of my own, a place that is out of my comfort zone. The roads were rough and the area was frequently flooded. It was the kind of place that I wanted to avoid my whole life and I didn’t know anyone from there. But God led me to this place and it was after my first NWL that I realized the purpose of His calling. God had taught me what It truly means to love, to love even those who are the most difficult to love. It was through His calling that I’d learned to love. I learned from Nehemiah that I needed to be passionate about my calling and to make it personal. It was after the NWL that I’d started to reach out to my members, go out of my comfort zone, tread through the flood, and give them what I can, that is, Jesus. I will never forget what ate Joy Aguila said in the session she gave to us, “Ipaintindi natin sa ibang tao kung bakit patay na patay tayo kay Lord, para sila rin makaintindi at maging patay na patay din kay Lord.”

In our recent NLW I did what I can, being part of the service team, for the chapter servants to have a similar but more personal experience. A very personal moment for me was when I washed the feet of my chapter servants and prayed over them. I remember the time when my cluster servant washed my feet and prayed over me, it was very heart touching and it made me shed tears.  It was a great symbol of love, and it was at that time that we brothers vowed to each other, “Sagot kita!” Now that it was my turn, sagot ko parin ang mga brothers ko.




I learned that it is only in the journey of our calling will we truly understand why God placed us in wherever we are right now and that His plans will still continue to unfold. I guess this is where God has led me, so far. The journey isn’t over; in fact, this will take a lifetime. I’m still starting to grasp my calling, but I know I’ll get there. This will be the best ride and the best life ever and in the end I know I’ll be with Him. I thank God for calling me, unworthy as I am, and leading me to where I am now, all because He has loved me from the very beginning. I could only imagine what God has in store for my cluster and our district.  #DugongPasig

There’s gonna be a Big Fish tomorrow.
(St. John Marie Vianney)

Shared by Janssen Joquico
District of Pasig

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