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“We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28, NAB


Many people in this world have chosen to live a life of destruction. There are sins, greediness, selfishness, loneliness, hatred and anguish all around us. Many have forgotten that love, peace, freedom and happiness exist. To live in a world with goodness seem impossible for others. But, for me, it is possible. My life experiences attest to this viewpoint of mine. There is just one key to the goodness we all thirst of. That is a personal relationship with God. Never have I imagined that a very wonderful and joyful life can exist until I was able to personally relate with God. I am fortunate to discover it through the community, Youth for Family and Life.

The way to live the best life ever is to have a personal connection with God. This is a principle in my life that I will always hold on to. It happened in my life and it can happen to anyone else. I used to be an ordinary girl before who regularly go to church, go to school, have fun with family and friends. Life for me before was just ordinary. You do your stuff and that’s it. I didn’t encounter serious problems unlike most people do and so I thought I was living a good life. I knew God and prayed to Him each day but I treated Him [as] a God far away from me. It was when I attended a youth camp that I found the truth that goodness was not really in my life before. It was boring and empty. Goodness of life can only be experienced if we begin to treat God as a personal One. Being able to recognize Him as your Best Friend who always sits beside you or recognize Him as your Father who protects and guides you makes the difference. I have come to reality that God is not far, that He can be very near to me. I am trying my best to be closer to Him since the day I decided to say yes to His invitation to have a personal relationship with Him. With my life now, I can say that I am living well. I am experiencing extraordinary life. The way I see myself became better. My relationships with my family and friends became stronger. My perspective in life became positive even in times of downfall. This doesn’t mean that I don’t experience hatred, selfishness, emptiness or any serious problems. I still do but hope never leaves me.

Living a good life means having a close relationship with the One who truly knows our purpose and everything else about us. He is our Creator therefore He is the answer to every question we encounter as we travel along the path of life. With Him, ordinary becomes extraordinary, impossible becomes possible and limited becomes limitless.   A close relationship with Him doesn’t guarantee a life free from all the destructive reality that can happen around us. It guarantees us a life full of hope that we can always change for the better, life of total happiness that can deeply satisfy us and a life full of love that brings everlasting peace and security. I believe we all have a choice. Choosing to know and love the Lord all the more is the choice that allows us to experience the best life ever.




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