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The inscrutable wisdom of God does not only mean understanding the improbable but it also means going back to the heart and mind of God. The picture below is a perfect example of going back to the heart and mind of God.


The thing that first struck me while reading the book, The Inscrutable Wisdom of God written by our Servant General is about loving those who hate me. This is a good start for me in journeying towards His beautiful plan. I learned that we should not only love when it feels good, but we should decide to love people even if they do not love us back. This is something that I need to learn because there are things that I am constricted due to my limitations. But this reminded me that love is always about desiring the good of the other. It allowed me to get rid of the poison in my heart. For me to be able to understand God’s Inscrutable Wisdom, I have to cleanse my heart for Him to reside in it.

The next thing that I learned from this book is the true meaning of sacrifice. When I said yes to becoming a missionary, my perspective of what sacrifice is changed. I thought I knew what giving all-out meant before, but this time around it has a different meaning. Giving our all for Him is not only because we ought to, but it means giving who we are to partake in His greater work. And doing His work is not an entitlement, but it means taking the lowest place and being the least appreciated. This is something that I have to work on every day and set my heart into for me to genuinely embrace and understand His inscrutable wisdom.

This book also made me reflect on my weaknesses. Part of my missionary life is struggling with sin. There are things that still tempt me. I still have thoughts of feeling unworthy and weak. This is my vulnerability. I was never proud of my weaknesses because they made me feel worthless. Maybe some of us are not open about our weaknesses also but it is in acknowledging them that we start to recognize that we are nothing without God’s love and compassion. It is in my weaknesses where God’s grace will overcome and allow me to move forward to a path of holiness. If we go back to the heart and mind of God and fill it with His goodness then we are allowing ourselves to be meek and to go among the wolves in this world. The mission that is entrusted to us will always be a big mountain with a lot of wolves in it. This is spiritual warfare that we should not escape because this is what God wants—that we experience Him and proclaim Him to the least, lost, and last but for us to move this mountain and overcome the wolves, we must be like a sheep & a child who is totally dependent on God. It is in surrendering to the Lord that we are able to overcome the mountain and the wolves.

I also learned about hope. That it is for all. We do not only share hope with those whom we are close but even more to those who need God. We have to proclaim our hope because it is our duty to share the Gospel. This is how we are changed as well. If we do not share our hope then it is not hope. As we move into the mission of evangelization, this book reminded me that defeat comes first before the victory. I have to recognize that the bad things that I experience are defeats and not obstacles because it will make me too confident. Instead, I have to rely on God during the moments of my defeat and strive for holiness despite the struggle. In this way, it draws me back to God and that is my true victory. It is in surrendering that we allow ourselves to win not just the battle but the war. It is in surrendering that we allow ourselves to be another Christ. It is in striving where we allow ourselves to be bold, strong, and humble. In the end, we spread hope when we bring healing to the world and to the people because of our dependence on God.

In all of these things, the things that we do are just small compared to the great love shown to us by Jesus who is God that came down from heaven and became one of us to carry our sins and love us. This is the greatest love that we have ever known. Through God’s inscrutable wisdom, I learned to be grateful and embrace more suffering because this is His way for me to enter His kingdom. 

God’s inscrutable wisdom contradicts everything in this world but we need not worry because we are not of this world. We are His beloved children.  Amen! 

Mac De Leon is a Full Time Pastoral Worker of MFC Youth and an area servant of the area of NCR North


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