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The one desire, loving Him in every step

“This is my cry, my one desire, just to be where you are Lord, now and forever. It’s more than a song, my one desire, is to be with you Jesus” 

“One Desire” is a song wherein you just have one desire in your life, and that is to follow our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a song where you are looking to be with Christ driven by the desire to be with him. Yes it’s true that Christ is always with us, but when we actually let our desire to be with him take control we will see miracles take place.


SG Pics solo


This summer I was given an invitation by God to go on a date; however, this was not any ordinary date. It was a date where I had to be prepared to do any dare for him, and it was a date where I would project God’s overflowing love. The Lord took me by the hand and I found myself in Singapore, excited as ever for our date. In all honesty I still can’t believe that the Lord took me here just to discover him even more and deepen my love for him, but hey here I am writing this telling you I went to Singapore to share God’s love.

Along with the full time missionaries and YFL from different districts, we started it with a youth camp where we came to know YFL Singapore, fellow YFL whose energy level was above the roof and their excitement is very… infectious.  YFL Singapore assigned me as the talk 4 speaker “Receiving God’s gift, the Power of the Holy Spirit” which to me was a very big privilege; however, the Lord seemed to have bigger for me which gave a chill to my bone. During their youthcamp “Camp Fire,” I was given the task to be the worship leader after talk 4 and be the MC for E-Night. At first my reaction was “Wow ha! Overload?” but in the end all I said was “Sige Lord, lead mo lang ako by the hand.” Long story short, with God’s grace, I was able to do all these things and move them with God’s love.


SG Pics


From Monday to Wednesday was just an outpour of blessing after blessing. We were able to get to know YFL Singapore by just having with them along with their all-time high energy, and visit different places such as the different Churches and adoration chapels across Singapore Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, the something – sutra bay with the good food, Bergs where they had really good burgers, Singapore Zoo, and… Universal Studios Singapore! During these things my prayer was that I every step and every turn I may find him and truly I did find him through the different lives of people and different adventures taking place.




Thursday and Friday were dedicated to nourishing and equipping the core of YFL Singapore. On Thursday we had a household which was a LBS session and the later part became a planning for YFL Singapore. The next day we had a HST and 2 additional workshops with the core of Singapore. Though everything was just overflowing at once, you can see that they hunger to learn how to be better servants for the Lord. It’s just so inspiring to see that they’re trying their best to follow the footsteps to holiness and it reminded me of that desire as well.

Saturday and Sunday were the days when we bonded with the YFL Singapore to the limit. Saturday was when YFL Singapore had its very first YFL Amazing Race Singapore edition! Watching the youth just experience the fun of serving the Lord and showing Christ’s love to others really projected what our community was all about. This was followed by a fellowship with them since it was the YFL teams last night at Singapore. Then on Sunday we had a very fun kid Olympics and ended my journey with leading the YFL Singapore to the adoration chapel and snack time at the airport before my departure.


SG Group pic


Moments before I left I simply looked outside the window of my airplane and said a silent prayer saying “Lord, thank you keeping the promise of the song to me. Being with you in every step of the way along with YFL Singapore was just… too awesome for words. I only pray that you will continue to guide us and have the desire to love you even more. Love you Lord and Thank you for everything. Amen” This is Migs Magtibay, District Servant of Lucena saying that truly, when we are driven by the one desire to be with God, his works just gives us the life of true Happiness!

Shared by Miguel Magtibay, District of Lucena

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